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Gmail For Students

Google Apps for Education email account is the means of communication for students at McMaster. The usage of Google Apps for Education is subject to McMaster University's policies and Code of Conduct.


  • Your account will be automatically created for you when you become eligible for studentmail.
  • All currently enrolled McMaster full time and part time students, who are not permanent full time McMaster employees, are eligible for Google Apps for Education email.
  • Eligibility for email accounts is dependant upon your enrollment status. You must be enrolled in classes to be eligible for your email.
  • Upper level students will have their email accounts continue as long as they are enrolled in classes.
  • Access to Google Drive, Calendar and related documents through your McMaster account, will expire when your student email account expires. An expired account is subject to deletion.
  • The web login for your student email account is

What's Included in Google Apps for Education

At this time, students have available, four Google Apps which they can use for the duration of their stay at McMaster.

  • Google Email - as noted above, this now becomes the official means students to communicate with staff and faculty. This email account is separate from your personal Gmail account.
  • Google Drive - a internet based storage drive which allows for storing up to 5 GB of data, and is available anywhere the student is connected to the interent.
  • Google Docs - and online document creation tool which allows for spreadsheets, text documents and presentations. These are compatible with Microsoft Office programs and can be stored in Google Drive.
  • Google Calendar - an online calendaring system which allows the student to schedule their life, both academic and personal, with ease of visibility onscreen.