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When I click on the "Email by Google" link from Mosaic, my browser goes to a Google page and when I try to sign in, I get an error message saying I can not log in.

This happens occasionally. The browser should never redirect to a Google page. Your log in page should be a McMaster page with the official logo and the address should end in Should you be redirected to a google page, you must clear your cache, temporary files and cookies in your browser. Once complete, you will be directed to the proper web page for log in

When I log into the account, I cannot log in the first time, but the second time I am successful. Why is this happening?

If you are accessing the log in page from a bookmark that was created from the login page, you will have problems of this type. The solution is to go to, and bookmark this page. This bookmark will work properly. Bookmarks that are created from the actual log in page itself will cause a double log in problem.

I cannot receive mail sent to my McMaster account, but I can send from it.

Your primary email in Mosaic is set to an account other than your McMaster account and all mail will go there, and bypass your McMaster email account completely. To make sure all of your mail goes to your McMaster email account, log into Mosaic, click on MAC ID and Email Management, then make your McMaster account your primary account. Changes to this will take effect the next day.

What about my primary account in Mosaic?

The primary account in Mosaic is set by the student and is the default account to which all McMaster e-mail addressed to wil be sent. Upon activation of your Studentmail, students' primary email account will be automatically set to their McMaster account.

What's included in Google Apps at McMaster?

Email account with 25GB of storage, Google Calendar and Google Docs. Any additional Google apps may be rolled out as they become supported.

I already have a personal Gmail account. Do I still need a Google Apps at McMaster account?

Yes. Personal Gmail accounts are different than your Google Apps at McMaster account. Your Google Apps at McMaster email account is now the primary email address and the official means of communication between the University and you.

What about Patriot Act?

Privacy impact assessment (PIA) has been conducted and filed with the McMaster University Secretariat. The Canadian Privacy Commissioner's office has stated that privacy risks from the US Patriot Act are no greater than the risks from domestic or other foreign law enforcement bodies. If you wish to get a copy of the PIA feel free to officially request it from the University Secretariat.

I am a retiree from the University, will my email be affected.

No, your retiree email will not be affected. Retiree accounts are on the macmail server and as such will not be affected with this change. The email forwarding service for retirees will also not be affected

Will I now have email for "life"?

No. Your Google Apps at McMaster account is subject to the same policies and regulations as your current email account. Your Google Apps at McMaster account will expire on January 31 after you graduate or you are no longer an active McMaster Graduate student. Your Google Apps at McMaster account is subject to deletion immediately after it expires.

Will I be able to continue to use my email client such as Outlook, or Thunderbird?

You can now use an email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird or MacMail to read your email on your desktop/laptop. Complete instructions are available at the IMAP Setup Page.

Will I be able to use my mobile device to read email?

IMAP/POP functionality is now available for setting up your phone and hand held device for this new account. Complete instructions are available at the IMAP Setup Page.

Will I be notified of my email account expiry?

Yes. You will receive a note 28 and 7 days before your account expiry date.

Will I be effected if I am a part time student as well as a full time employee at McMaster?

As a full time employee, you will continue to use your existing employee account for all communications, and this transition will not affect you. Only full time students and part time students who do not work at McMaster will be transitioned.

  1. Once your account is migrated you will access your McMaster email at Please log in with your Mac ID and password.
  2. Should you encounter any of the following problems on July 25, 2012 (post migration) please let the UTS Service Desk know at
    1. Inability to log in
    2. Inability to receive emails (please make sure you do not have a forward setup on Mosaic)

How do I use Google Apps at McMaster University?

Here are some handy articles on Google Apps or you can always check out their YouTube channel.


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