Public Relations Course Descriptions

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Introduction to Public Relations Practice
Gain a foundation in public relations by reviewing historical development, theory, management processes and best practices.

Final Project (Independent Study)
A self-directed course in which you utilize your skills and knowledge to assist a real-world client in implementing one or more aspects of the client’s existing communications plan. Eligibility is determined by the
Program Manager.

Public Relations Writing
Develop writing and editing skills to help you communicate effectively to your audience and medium.

Public Relations Planning & Management
Understand the relationship between the organizational goals and objectives and the role of the strategic public relations practitioner.

Media Relations
Understand the relationship between the goals and objectives organizations and the media – a key to success for any public relations initiative.


Business Management for Public Relations
Understand what makes businesses “tick” to help you take on an important role as strategic advisor to senior management.

Measurement & Evaluation in Public Relations
Prove the value of public relations initiatives by documenting measurable results and evaluating expenditures based on meeting the organization’s goals.

Issue and Crisis Communication Planning
Examine the anatomy of an issue and learn to recognize the likelihood of escalation to crisis.

Employee Communications
Explore the theoretical and practical aspects of employee communications in today’s virtual organization — where the lines between management, employee, supplier and client have become blurred.

Building Social Media Relationships (formerly Social Media)
Explore the theoretical aspects and practical applications of social media tools including blogs, wikis, social media websites (i.e. Facebook and YouTube) to engage new audiences and build relationships.


Social Media Research and Techniques
Apply social media knowledge to public relations practice by conducting research, campaigns and engaging communities.  Study current business cases to explore best practices.

Integrate the theory learned in the classroom with the practical experience of a public relations/communications setting. Have the opportunity to observe and practice a wide range of skills and transfer your knowledge from the classroom to the workplace.